The work of Alamance Achieves is the work of the community. A special thank you to all the partners and volunteers who have committed to improving outcomes for every child, cradle to career. If you are serving on the Steering Committee, Community Transformation Council, a network, a specialized team, or a focus group, the links below will connect you to shared materials to help familiarize you with your role in the work, to prepare you for meetings, and information to help move the work forward. 

Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee is a formalized group of executive-level members of the initiative. They are charged with aligning their organization’s goals with the initiative, setting strategic direction, alleviating political or organizational barriers, and overseeing the work of collaborative partnerships.



Community Transformation Council Members

The CTC is an advisory group that includes Steering Committee members along with other executive-level leaders and members-at-large who represent all major sectors of the community and include individuals that can greatly enable the work of Alamance Achieves through their investment in education, and commitment to collective impact.

Collaborative Action Network Member

Collaborative Action Networks are action groups of cross-sector partners who align around specific goals, work together through facilitated problem-solving, and use data to make decisions to improve community-level outcomes.


Data Team

The data team is an integral part in connecting county wide data while building infrastructure to strategically achieve measurable outcomes. They serve as an advisory group that supports and guides the development of the initiative’s outcome metrics, data sharing, analysis, and security. The team will consist of system and community level partners across the cradle to career continuum.

Communications Team

The communications team is essential in developing, managing, and conveying the mission and vision of Alamance Achieves. They support internal and external communications, as well as marketing and outreach to effectively engage the community in the work.

Health Team

The health team is an advisory group that consists of providers and healthcare workers committed to identifying and prioritizing health factors that impact educational attainment.

Parent Team

The parent team is a group of community members that provide a necessary voice to guide the work as a whole, advise collaborative initiatives, and act as ambassadors of Alamance Achieves to the broader community.

Equity Team

The focus of the equity team is to provide inclusive data, research, and resources in order to advocate for practices and systems in the community necessary to advance equitable outcomes across Alamance County. The team will ensure that the partnership maintains a focus on equity and narrows the opportunity gap between various groups of students.

Funding and Sustainability Team

The funding and sustainability team builds the funding model, directs financial support, and identifies opportunities for grants, fundraising and donations.

Faith-based Team

The faith-based team is a group of religious leaders and community members invested in providing basic needs and academic support within their faith organizations to improve the outcomes of students across Alamance County.